Significant boost to economic growth is expected to give the implementation of investment projects for technological and operational innovation, whose evaluation process was completed by the Information Society SA. This is about the Action entitled: "Strengthening Business for the Implementation of Investment Projects Development - Providing Innovative Products and Value Added Services " - ICT4GROWTH. Given the importance of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for business competitiveness, and the economic situation in Greece, this action is a comprehensive development framework for the promotion of entrepreneurship.

Our company as part of the action ICT4GROWTH, submitted and received approval of implementation of integrated investment plan. The high rating of our investment proposal (both technical and business level occupancy) highlights once again the professionalism and maturity of the company, setting medium term objectives which are summarized below:


  • - The creation of new products, services and added value content which
  •   may have commercial potential and viability.
  • - A substantial strengthening at National and European level.
  • - Increasing employment.
  • - Strengthening healthy entrepreneurship with the appropriate use of ICT.

The total approved Public Expenditure amounts to 568.506,26 € for an investment project of total budget 889.110,46 € , will run for two years and during this period, experienced researchers and skillful engineers will carry out new innovative products and State-of-the-art facilities, ready to be promoted to Greek and Foreign markets.


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