To accommodate repetitive handling documents and predefined workflows or business processes fast and easy, Ergologic designed, developed and installed an Integrated System with the brand name “ergoFlow®”.User friendly tool to connect forms with tasks, people and information — in workflows that drive efficiency, consistency and visibility.

The system creates an environment for defining document routing scenarios, which is based on creating steps and determining the conditions of the transition process from step to step. “ergoFlow is a software application that is designed for business’s processes recording, organization monitoring and adherence to them. This recording can be done either independently or in cooperation with the enterprise resource management (ERM) applications, with which “ergoFlow” can communicate to monitor recorded events (eg change check status, change order status, violation of trading policy rules, etc.). Simply input your information, and “ergoFlow” will do the rest, aligning everything automatically and applying professional design themes for professional-quality results every time.


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