ergoShop®” is an ideal integrated platform for the implementation of E-commerce applications and Content management, which have all possible functions for both developing electronic stores (B2C) and ordering systems (B2B). With the growth of e-commerce, the responsibility of direct-selling shifted from sales reps to online stores.

This transition resulted in lower costs and better customer experiences. The goal of the integrated platform with the trademark “ergoShop”, is the efficient operation of an enterprise, helping them to understand how to address challenges and move their business operations into the next level by providing better products and services to customers, through Internet. The subsystems typically included into one integrated environment, offering additional functionality and integration in daily business operations, through innovative Web Services interface connected with already existing company systems (ERP, CRM, Content Management). “ergoShop” is based on an open platform (open source) e-commerce and content management solution by providing all the advantages of an open architecture and sustainable development and integration. As an experienced software and web solutions provider, we have a complete knowledge of the infrastructure covering the most demanding operational and technical specifications. ergoShop, offers full capabilities for online purchases and presentation content. However, it supports additional functions to offer an integrated distribution system, promotion, information and communication.


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