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Ergologic SA was founded in 1999 in Patras and its main objective is the design, installation, support and the maintenance of integrated solutions in the fields of information technology for the small to medium and big size enterprises in the private sector of economy. About the Company
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At Ergologic, we strongly believe in close partnership with each client separately, in reliable, long-term relationships and in mutual evolution and success.
Our Clients
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Through a long-term and successful route in the domestic market, company has sealed its operation with strategic partnerships by representing and supporting a significant portfolio of well-known products of the Foreign and Local market.
Our Partners


The Company


Meet our company and we are confident that our experience derived from the reliability and the quality of our services, will certainly make you choose our solutions and products.

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Innovative Strategies based on effective performance and new technology ventures, enable company to design and implement dynamic solutions truly integrated, in a timely manner that ensure customers’ success and offer tangible value.

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Agile and sophisticated business systems promoted by ERGOLOGIC, transform the use of High Technology in the most competitive and operational advantage.

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At Ergologic, we strongly believe in close partnership with each client separately, in reliable and longterm relationships and in mutual evolution and success.  

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2018/02/02 - Η ERGOLOGIC υλοποιεί έργο NAV & LS Retail στα καταστήματα SPAR Κύπρου
Ο όμιλος εταιρειών ERMES, αποτελεί  τον μεγαλύτερο και πιο πολυδιάστατο οργανισμό λιανικού εμπορίου στην Κύπρο. Παρουσιάζοντας μια σταθερά ανοδική πορεία, μέσα από στρατηγικές συνεργασίες και συμμαχίες επενδύει σε ένα σημαντικό brand name,...
Microsoft, Directions EMEA 2017, October 4-6, Madrid, Spain!
  Ergologic is focused on best practices and dynamic changes of latest Microsoft products development and tools. We have the great opportunity to attend to the annual Directions EMEA 2017, one of the biggest community for networking around the globe!...
ERGOLOGIC next to the Greek National Basketball Team!
The city of Patras and “D. Tofalos” stadium was chosen by Men's National Basketball Team for training and Eurobasket competition preparations, held on 7 and 8 August with the participation of Great Britain National Team, Ukraine and Romania....
2017/07/24 - Entersoft Business Suite implementation by Ergologic at Menelaos Fruit Ltd.
 MENELAOS FRUIT Ltd, one of the biggest firm in Central Market of Athens selected Entersoft Business Suite for its Group of companies, as the most integrated information system. Company is activated in the field of fruit and vegetable trade, both in...
2017/05/31 - Hellenic Statistical Authority awarded GIS GRANT project to Ergologic
In the framework of Eurostat's Grant Agreement: "Merging Statistics and Geospatial Information in Member States", Hellenic Statistical Authority has launched a tender, looking for a dynamic solution to increase the way of  detailed and efficient...
2017/05/23 - Ergologic responds dynamically to modern Hotel Challenges, with 6 new PYLON implementations.
Pylon Hospitality, a complete Hotel Solution   Ergologic continues the upward trend, implementing 6 new PYLON Hospitality (Epsilon Net)projects. Complex installations, locally and in Cloud based, has been successfully completed  in Kefalonia (Magnolia...
2017/05/08 - MIGATO has chosen LS Retail Solution for its shop network, by Ergologic
 Ls Retail: Specialized Vertical Retail Solution     MIGATO, is a leader in the Greek market with more than 35 years of presence and one of the strongest fashion brands. MIGATO decided to integrate more than 120 stores in Greece and abroad and hundreds...


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