The QlikView is an easy to use development tool business intelligence (BI), ready to answer all your questions about your business and lead you quickly and securely at the best business decisions.

Have you ever imagined to stop the affairs and begin receiving faster and smarter decisions for your business? The QlikView is an easy tool for business intelligence (BI) which makes it a reality for more than 24,000 companies worldwide.

The Product

QlikView products allows you to consolidate , search, visualize and analyze in depth all your data in a unique way.

Meet QlikView: Are you ready to change your world?

Today, more than 1,000 large companies with global reach, they base their business decisions on business intelligence solutions offered by QlikView. Everyday more and more businesses around the world trust the QlikView as its core business intelligence platform and exploit unprecedented success of the advantages : flexibility in management, access security , expandability and the ability to manage huge amounts of data.

Today, the computerization of a business is required to provide BI solutions to an ever increasing number of users , resulting in a significant burden . The complexity of traditional disk-based and query-based business intelligence tools , forcing computerized face slowly queries with uncertain and unstable results , data eventually afflict and repel their end users. Instead, the QlikView users have the ability to create their own analysis model without any action and without burdening the computerization . The associativein-memory technology QlikView fully exploits the capabilities of modern systems , thus ensuring users instant response, consistent results and a pleasant experience , and also to relieve the computerization of the daily maintenance and management of business intelligence applications . And all this even in systems with billions of entries (records) or tens of thousands of users .

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